When you think of a healthcare professional it may come to your mind, they can be a doctor or a nurse but there is more to this. You do not need to be a medical expert or a physician to do a high-level healthcare job.

It is a fast growing career these days. It involves the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases or injuries. Some of them are experts of mind related diseases and others are body related experts and some of them are specialized in specific body parts. But instead of all these things, there has to be someone who keeps the system and place of healthcare running.

It means you can perform the MRI1 through the machine and help to treat the patient. If you are a healthcare specialist then you are a great asset to the hospital. Many healthcare related fields offer a secure and handsome amount of salary packages and you can have a vast variety of fields to choose from them. You do not need to have a four years medical degree to start your career in healthcare. You can be a healthcare manager by doing these degrees given below:

Diploma in Practical Nursing (DPN):

The nursing profession is high in demand at every time and in every corner of the world. In nursing career, this diploma is a great jump to start. They provide basic nursing care and work with registered nurses and physicians in a wide range of healthcare departments.

There are many paths to a nursing career that you can pursue through higher education. Many people start their nursing careers with LPN. After completing this degree your job title will be Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). The job demand for this degree is more than 10 percent. Your average annual salary might be $45,000. You can get this degree by going to the campus and some of the institutes are providing the online facility too.

Physical Therapist Assistant:

It was ranked number 12 in the US according to a study. They help patients of all ages from adults to seniors. They improve mobility and strength by performing a wide range of training and exercises. If you want to become a PTA you must have an associate degree. Your job title will be Physical Therapist Assistant and the demand for this degree is 26 to 27 percent. Your annual salary might be around $58,000. You can have this degree by studying on campus or online.

Dental Assisting Services:

They work closely under and with dentists. They are taking greater roles in the care of patients. The demand for this degree is expanding over the period. This degree might take 14 to 23 months to complete. For some people, it provides entry level basic dental services training. After this, you can serve as a steppingstone. You can even become a dental hygienist. Your official title will be Dental Assistant and your job demand is over 10 percent. Your annual approximate salary will be around $40,000.

Medical Assisting Services:

They are an important part of the healthcare system. They provide support for physicians and assistance to the administrative and clerical departments when needed. You can start this job by doing this diploma in around 10 months. You can earn the associate degree in 14 to 20 months to pursue a career. Your job title will be Medical Assistant and the employment growth rate can be around 24 percent. You can earn an average annual salary of around $35,000. You can get the degree online too.

Radiology Technology:

It is a critical job in the healthcare system. They work along with doctors, nurses and help them to provide imaging services prescribed by the specialists like X-rays, etc. You can pursue this career at an expert level in MRI scan, CT scan, and mammography. You need to have an associate degree in radio technology. Your official title will be Radio Technologist and a growth rate of around 10 percent will be projected. Your annual approximate salary will be around $60,000. You can get on-campus schooling and some of them online too.

Associate in Surgical technology:

They are often the member of operating team which performs the critical task in operation theaters. They handle different surgical instruments and supplies like bandages, necessary during surgery. Many surgeons rely on them to make sure that the operation runs smoothly and successfully. On completion of the degree, your title will be Surgical Technologist with an employment growth rate of around 10 percent. You will get an annual salary of around $50,000. On-campus and online options are available in this course.

Associate in Healthcare Administration:

There plenty of jobs are available for administrative duties in healthcare. You can pursue as an administrative coordinator, medical secretary, and administrative support in healthcare administration. You will be responsible for the daily operations of the organization that may include staff checking, patient relationship, scheduling of tasks, and inventory management. In this degree, your job titles can be Medical Secretary, Patient Service Rep, and Administrative Coordinator. You can have an employment growth rate of around 15 percent. Your annual average salary will be around $38,000. You can get the degree on-campus and by studying online as well.

Health Information Management:

Many health care providers keep the record of their patients and are charged with it. It is all up to the specialists and doctors that how they code and keep the records of their patients. It is a versatile and ongoing field. A career in this degree can open the doors for unique paths in business, science, and information technology. You can get the degree in around 2 years. Your official job title will be as Medical Record Technician or Health Information technician. Your annual approximate salary will be around $45,000 and your employment growth rate will be around 10 percent. You can get the degree on campus and online as well.


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