Medical alarms provide emergency assistance to monitoring in and out of the house in case of any vulnerability to your family. They are usually used for elders and patients who cannot care for themselves.

Medical alarms are designed in a way that they send a signal to emergency medical personnel. They can alert your family members and caretakers. When a medical alarm is triggered it sends the signal to the monitoring system. Then the situation is assessed and informed the relevant person in order to protect the person who triggered the alarm. For elders and loved ones who are vulnerable, an injury or a fall can be fatal. In order to make sure they get a quick response from their caretakers or family members provide them fully functional medical alarm system.

How does it work?

A medical alarm system is a device that you have to wear all the time. It varies from device to device or models or alarm system type that you will wear them around your neck like a pendant or you will wear them on your wrist. When the alarm button is pressed, a signal is sent to your family member or a response center who informs and sends a quick medical aid to you whether you are at home or outside. This device is connected 24/7 to the help centers or a family member through another device. They are waterproof, you can wear them while taking bath or a shower. These are the places where many people fall on the floor when they slip.

How does it work with a response center?

When a user falls or gets into serious circumstances, they press the button and a signal is generated through a wireless system that is connected to the response center. When they receive an alert, they contact the relevant family members. The operator can speak to the client. It is a crucial feature of two-way communication.

Who will get benefit from a medical alarm?

A medical alarm system provides elders and people who are vulnerable and cannot look after themselves. When their family members and loved ones want to ensure their safety and health, they go for medical alarm systems. The medical alarm systems which are made for seniors can provide a quick response and help. Mostly the seniors or elders want to stay home, and sometimes other family members have to go outside. With the help of medical alarm systems, they can monitor and make sure their health and safety.

Benefits of Medical Alarms:

These days, medical alarm systems are very popular among seniors. No matter what you are safe and covered 24/7. There are some of the benefits given below:

  • The medical response team1 is 24/7 on duty to make sure that when an alarm is triggered, they are available for the services. They are well trained to face any type of circumstances as quickly as possible. They provide you assistance on call too. On the other hand, they are interlinked with the police and fire brigade. In case you are alone and have fallen then there is no long wait for someone will come and rescue you.
  • They provide you safety and peace of mind if you are away from your family and loved ones. They make sure the comfort of your family members and seniors or vulnerable. It is very helpful and relaxing to know that your seniors are being monitored and connected with the emergency medical help services department.
  • They are customizable and can be altered according to your lifestyle. It does not matter what is your age, the systems are made for every age type. For example, if you are a swimmer or go to the pool more often then you will use a waterproof alarm system such as pendants and wrist bands etc. if you go outside the house frequently then you can have a dual monitoring system that will monitor your activities in-home and outside the home.
  • It will be very comfortable for you that you are no longer dependent on someone to come and rescue you. You can be on your own. There will be no need if someone will check you on regular basis.

What are the Things Required for Medical Alarms?

The basic mode of communication between alarm systems and emergency help centers is mobile telecommunication. The base of the system is a portable device with a help button. They can be easily connected to your mobile phones. You should press the help button for the very first time to test whether it is working properly or not.

Best Available Medical Alarms2:

There are many types of medical alarms available in the market. They are all different in features like size, operating system, and wearing style. Some of them are given below:

  • SureSafe: They are specially designed for the personal use of elderly people. They have over 14 products available including GPS, Go Anywhere, Fall Alarm, etc. You can go anywhere in the range of alarm systems. You can talk through this but this service is not available in base models. It is in pendant form you can wear it on your neck.
  • Tracking Care: They have a wide range of alarm systems that can be used outside the house and in the house as well. You can go to the park, gym and any other place you wanted to go. They include a fall detection system and GPS to locate the person. They are wearable on your wrist just like a watch and they are waterproof as well.
  • Lifeline24: It is a dedicated personal alarm provider with a single focus on low-cost, budget alarms but they have the most satisfactory emergency services. They are maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. They are lightweight waterproof pendants with a push-button for help.
  • Telecare 24: They are national care alarm systems committed to giving you the most satisfaction. They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. They are best for fall detection. In case you have fallen then within a second, they trigger the alarm to inform the medical services department. The care department helps you to contact your family members.