Running shoes are the best for you if you are passionate about running. Each runner has his own running style and posture and each of them is unique. These are designed to protect your feet from pressure and shocks.

To chose a right running shoe is an art and nobody is perfect in it. Everybody has their own preferences when they go for running shoes. They are designed for different people in different scenarios. Most of the people chose them for the right fit and type of exercise they want to do. Some of the people wear them as a fashion symbol. Despite all the things and variety of shoes are available in the market but no one can say that is the best one for them.

Things you should consider before buying:

You should know the science behind a running shoe and how to buy them and how to chose a perfect pair for yourself. There are number of brands, providing numerous varieties of shoes that a person can go mad. Despite all these you can chose what is perfect for you. The things you should consider are as below:

  • Most of the time running shoes look like ordinary pair of sneakers but you should know that if they for running or for fashion purpose. Running shoes are specialized in running so you can run with great comfort. Try variety of shoes never stick to only one pair and then chose from them. Every vendor provides wide range of shoes and their types.
  • If you have selected the pair or model or brand you wanted then you should consider the perfect size for you. Sometimes sizes vary from one another, brand to brand and region to region. If shoe does not fit right then it is useless in any case. It will make your running experience pathetic. It can cause an injury too. You should try your shoes before buying experience them and take a walk at least at shop or outlet.
  • Things you should check while wearing a running shoe are check whether the size you have chosen is perfectly fitting on your feet. Look for better width of the shoes so that they can adjust with your feet.
  • Always check the cushioning and padding of the shoe and check for the sole.
  • You should check the sole size too. Sometimes sole size is too much that a runner could not handle it.
  • You should check for the agility of the shoes that if they can handle any type of the surface or not.
  • You should check the shoes if they are water and dust repellent or not.

Types of Running Shoes:

There are many types of running shoes but we are considering some of them. They are made for some specific purpose. It depends on how often you are going to use them. Some of types are as:

  • Every day Running Shoes: It is the most versatile type of running shoes. Most people prefer them and they can provide a great comfort in your daily running routines. They are the most durable shoes because people use them almost daily. They can be costly but come with authentic solutions to your running problems.
  • Light Weight Running Shoes: They are made for the faster runners and athletic demands. They are the best for faster races and workouts. They are least durable than daily running shoes and made for specific purpose. They provide less cushion than daily running shoes.
  • Dirt or Trail Running Shoes: They are the best for rocky and dirty trails. People who wanted to do some adventure, or mountaineers are fond of these shoes. You cannot use them in routine life. These are not like every day shoes. They are specially made to bear the rough and tough situations. They have the lugs on their bottom to provide perfect grip while running on dirt or rock. They have the most durable upper in order to protect your feet from the rocks and dirt.


In terms of affordability, you should consider that you get what you are paying for. Always go for the authentic brands like Nike1, Adidas, Under Armor, New Balance, Sketchers, Puma and Reebok. There are many other brands than these but they are the famous and authentic. There are many copies of authentic running shoes but you do not have to compromise with cheap ones. It is the matter of your feet, if something went wrong while running in a cheap shoe then your feet can be at risk. There are many brands which provide authentic running shoes on affordable prices. You should always go for them if you are on budget, instead of buying cheap clones or copies.

Best Running Shoes till Date2:

There are many brands in the market competing with each other and the competition is going high day by day. In order to stand out companies are making most advance and trendy shoes day by day. Every brand has their own strategy, technology and comfort. Most people prefer all of these or some of these. Some of the best running shoes till date are as follows:

  • Adidas 4DFW: It is the top-rated running shoe of adidas till date. The reasons why you should go for it, is they have the most advanced and 3D printed mid sole which is responsive and light weight. You can control yourself in speed and agility.
  • Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit: It is a super comfortable lightweight shoe that you will feel that you will be walking in the air.
  • Saucony Kinvara 12: These are very bright and colorful running shoes for the future centric people. These are very light weight shoes. They come with exceptional movement and maneuverability. You can feel your contact with ground in these.
  • Hoka One One Mach 4: They are super lightweight including all the technologies necessary. They provide smooth and soft running experience.
  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11: They are so soft and provide exceptional heel construction during running. Their upper is so airy and light.