In life-threatening situations which we often called emergencies such as heart attacks. In this serious situation, we have to visit the emergency department1 that is also called the emergency room.

On the other hand, an injury or chronic illness is not life-threatening, but we cannot wait till the next day or another, we have to go to the urgent care centers. They provide urgent care on the time till your family physician is not available. They provide easy access to quality healthcare in the meantime. They provide immediate services and medicines and they are approved by the government. They cannot replace your primary physician, if your physician is not in your range on an urgent basis, you can rely on these centers.

Things to know about Urgent Care:

It is provided by the urgent care centers, like in case of injuries, ailments, and sickness you can go to the urgent care centers for an urgent care. The conditions which require immediate attention you can visit the urgent care centers. For example, if you have cut your finger in the kitchen and you cannot wait until the next day. You will be needed urgent care to prevent blood loss. Then you will go to the urgent care center in case your physician is not available. Here are some of the medical services provided by urgent care centers:

  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Rashes
  • Minor Surgeries
  • Minor illness
  • X-ray
  • Sports injuries
  • Stomach problems

Things to do before going for Urgent Care:

You should consider these things before going for urgent care:

  • You should check online before going to the urgent care center. You should check the nearest center first to save your time. Then you should make sure if staff is available or not, also check if a particular doctor is available or not who can help you on an urgent basis. In these situations, you do not have to make an appointment. It will take a few minutes for a health provider can help you. Make sure if you can make an appointment with a healthcare officer to save your time, some centers may provide this facility.
  • Find the right center on an urgent basis is important so you can have the right services on time. Make sure you will go to the center that accepts your health insurance to avoid any expense. Always select the center which provides specialized services and is nearest to the home.
  • You should know the things you can bring with you on an urgent basis. These centers keep an extensive record of their patient’s medical history. You have to bring all the medical documents of the patient to avoid the time trials. These may include the most recent information about your health and insurance policies. If you have been diagnosed with an ailment you should keep a record of it. If you are bringing a minor then you should keep the parental authorization form.
  • Although these centers are open 24 hours and you can visit them at any time. But make sure that if you are going in busy hours and you will have to wait for a long time. Avoid nights, holidays, and weekends because many doctors are not available these days. Before leaving your home call at least once at the centers and ask about the estimated wait time to save your time.
  • An important thing to keep in mind is you may not have an experienced doctor there. But you will have the services you need. On an urgent basis, they might have no doctors present that day but they will have physicians on duty.
  • You have to keep in mind that you cannot go there in life-threatening situations like a heart attack or major accident.

Urgent Care VS Emergency Room:

Urgent care services are required to treat minor injuries which are not life-threatening and may lead you to a disability. On the other hand, the emergency room is needed when you have a life-threatening problem. Most of the urgent care centers are opened on holidays. On the other hand, the emergency rooms are for true emergencies. You have to call 911 before going to the emergency room on the contrary you can just visit an urgent care center at any time a day. Emergency rooms can handle trauma, X-ray, surgeries, or other threatening situations. Emergency rooms are best for:

  • Weakness and numbness
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Coordination loss
  • Injury to the head or trauma2
  • Asthma attacks
  • Overdose of medicine
  • Vision loss
  • Cuts and burns
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Heart attack

Factors that make Urgent Care Attractive:

There are several factors for which people are attracted to urgent care services. There is a surge in the number of people who want to visit urgent care centers for convenience. These factors may include:

  • The convenience people want for their minor problems is the biggest factor. There are approximately over 7000 urgent care centers that provide urgent care. The availability of the centers makes them more convenient and easy to access.
  • Another factor is scheduling, you do not always have to make an appointment before going to the center. You can just walk in the center and can check up yourself. It is a huge catch that is why people are lean towards it.
  • They are cost-efficient, you do not have to pay much of your money. You can have medical treatments on an urgent basis with lesser fees than any other institute.

Although these factors are very attractive there are some disadvantages. Like they are lowest in the ranking in terms of quality providing for all the generations. But people are happy to visit the urgent care centers. You should not compromise with your help, you should always know when to take urgent care and when to visit your physician. Do not always go for a shortcut in serious situations and don’t save your money over your health. Be kind in making decisions in difficult situations. Always think before you go for things that are beyond your limits.