The word Sedan refers to the cars which has 3 compartments. One for the engine, second for the passenger room and the third is cargo compartment.

It is not wrong to say over the period people have shifted from sedans but no one can beat the class of sedans. People who are old school still like sedans over any other car. Manufacturers are making sedans over the decades and they have perfected the process in making it.

Advantages of having a Sedan:

Sedans are surviving for over a century and they are popular these days too. They have the most perfect unibody construction and compartments and divided for the convenience of the driver and passengers. Sedans are providing numerous advantages to the consumers for over the decades. Some of them are as below:

  • Comparatively this type of cars is safer than others.
  • They provide great value to the money; you will never be disappointed by them.
  • In accordance with weight distribution, they are safe and more stable.
  • They are engaging on a road trip in terms of capacity and road grip because their weight is evenly distributed to all the compartments.
  • They offer numerous engine options, for example in a same model you can have different variants according to your requirements.
  • Aerodynamically they are more reliable, fast and have firm road grip.
  • They provide better fuel efficiency than SUVs and Hatch Backs.
  • They provide many optimized options for customers so that anyone can afford them with customized options.
  • You can buy a base model with enough options and you can buy luxury expensive model in it too.

Types of Sedans:

There are many types of sedans in the market you can have numerous options while choosing a sedan car. You can differentiate them in terms of price, power, performance, luxury, customization and fuel economy. You can choose between these options that will be well suited for you.

  • Transversely Mounted Engines: With this type of engines there can be more room for passenger compartment rather than hatch backs. This type engine is directly linked to the driving wheel shaft which rotates the tires. These days, transverse engines are more prevalent on the market. This type of engines is equipped with front wheel drive but you can have the option of all wheel drive (AWD).
  • Longitudinally Mounted Engines: This is the type which has many fans and many car enthusiasts like it more than transversely mounted. In this type of engine passengers’ compartment is slightly compromised but many manufacturers are not compromising with the passenger compartment. It provides better weight distribution and less vibrations. This type of engines often provide large amount of capacity and power and they usually come with rear wheel drive (RWD).
  • Sedans with Two Doors: Two door sedans were popular before World War 2. These days they are just a chapter of history. People who love vintage cars have these sedans otherwise manufacturers have discontinued this type. It offered the seating capacity of 5 people.
  • Sedans with Four Doors: It is not merely a sedan but more like a hatch back. It can have a sportier look but sometimes they are called sedan.

Top Rated Sedans of 2021:

Sedans have captured the market so firmly that everyone who wants to buy a mid-size car will surely go for a sedan. It is another thing he will go for a luxurious or mid-range sedan. The competition is so high, these days, many manufactures have launched sedan cars day by day and with enchanting improvements. Anyone can get confused when they have to choose from the wide range of sedans. Some of them are as below:

  • KIA K5 2021: It is the replacement of Optima1 and ranked due to its advance features like smooth drive and performance, many standard and improved features according to the future needs. It has an impressive trunk compartment. It comes with 8-inches touch screen multimedia screen, wireless Apple CarPlay and auto Android connectivity. It has several advanced assistance systems that any driver will has a turbo charged four-cylinder engine. It has an AWD option which power it up.
  • Chevrolet Malibu 2021: It provides great value to money with great comfort in luxurious style. Its sporty look in sedan stands out. Its cabin is not that much fancy but seating capacity is overwhelming. It gives you sporty experience with four-cylinder engine with turbo charger. It has 8-inches multimedia touch screen you can control your media while cruising. There is no option AWD in it.
  • Volkswagen Passat 2021: It provides abundant cargo space and passenger capacity. In overall performance it’s a bit lacky but it provides you great fuel economy. It provides extreme safety standards so you can drive freely at any time with great comfort. Beside all these things it comes with 6.3-inches multimedia screen. It is only available in FWD but comes with great safety features and infotainment system which a driver can control easily without any interruption.
  • Hyundai Sonata 2021: It comes with great design than its predecessor. It provides you a great luxurious comfort with its chic cabin, spacious seating capacity and great fuel economy. It comes with 8-inches touch screen with infotainment system. Smartphone integration system is built-in feature. It comes with FWD feature with smooth riding experience.
  • Toyota Camry 2021: It holds the top position in mid-size sedans. It provides great features like coddling ride, athletic pleasure, sporty handling, powertrains and a spacious cabin for passengers. It has exceptional crash test rating with great fuel economy. It comes with 7-inches responsive touchscreen infotainment system. It provides tech savvy riding experience with Wi-Fi hot spot and Toyota Safety Sense. It comes with AWD feature that makes it above all the odds.
  • Mazda6 20212: It is an arguably the best performance featured sedan yet. Like any other Mazda cars, it provides athletic handling, sporty features and mind-blowing acceleration. It comes with turbocharged engine. It comes with luxurious high-quality interior and safety features. It comes with standard 8-inches touch screen multimedia system with advanced features.