SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle is a type of car which is the combination of passenger car and features of off the road vehicles. In these, higher ground clearance, road grip and four-wheel drive1 are the main features.

When it comes to mind, an ordinary person would think that SUV is rugged, sturdy four-wheel drive and there is more to it. It is mainly made for off-the-road purposes but became popular with a wide range of buyers. It comes with a lot of boot and passenger space. You can drive them on rough terrains. Their high ground clearance and tall bodies make them apart from the other vehicles. It has usually raised suspensions so that you can drive on any type of surface like rocky, muddy and bushy. They are popular because it is a family car with great comfort and seating capacity which can bear harsh circumstances in order provide smooth driving experience.

SUV Vs Crossover:

The difference between SUV and crossover is in terms of size, ground clearance and four-wheel driving feature. A crossover comes with slightly low height, small in size and optional feature of 4WD1. On the other hand, SUV comes with tall, high ground clearance and 4WD features. In general, crossovers are more fuel efficient than SUVs and comes with great comfort experience. Crossovers are available in many different sizes but they are larger than sedans and hatchbacks.

Pros and Cons of SUVs:

Though they are rough and tough with great driving experience in terrains and rocky fields but they have their own pros and cons which are given below:

  • Pros: They are very practical in general, often comes with seven seats. They have the higher driving position rather than any other car. They are very handy to drive for casual driving and to experience the off-road experience. It comes with larger interior space and enough leg room so you cannot get tired on long trips to your favorite destinations. They often provide large cargo space so you can pick large number of groceries, sports equipment and carry a luggage. It comes with high power of engine to even toe another car with it.
  • Cons: It comes with great power but low fuel economy, if you do not worry about the fuel consumption then you can buy it otherwise it can be a disastrous experience for you. They are often bulky and heavy to maneuver off the roads. They are more expensive than ordinary cars. When it comes to park it, you have to look for a space of two cars for it. Their environmental impact due to less fuel efficiency make them a poor choice.

Types of SUVs:

There are many types of SUVs in the market, few of them are listed below:

  • All Wheel Drive SUVs: If you need an SUV which can deal with all types of terrains, you must go for all wheel drive SUVs. Its impactful performance and power give you the confidence to drive off the road in any condition. Nissan Rogue2, Jeep Compass are the examples of AWD SUVs.
  • Compact SUVs: People who think that SUVs are not their type because it cannot be driven in cities, might have parking issue and other maintenance issues, then you need to think again. The solution is compact SUVs that can solve all of your problems if you want to buy SUV for not going off the roads. Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4 are the examples of compact SUVs.
  • Crossover SUVs: If you are practical and wan to keep commuting in city and off the roads then you should definitely go for crossover SUVs. They provide you best commuting experience, style and power. Honda CR-V, Ford Edge are the examples of crossover SUVs.
  • Hybrid SUVs: If you are striving to make our environment ECO Friendly then you should go for the Hybrid SUVs. It is the most beneficial type of SUVs and expensive too. You can go green without any tension of fuel economy and they are the future. Lexus RX 450h, Volvo XC90 Hybrid are the examples of Hybrid SUVs.
  • Large SUVs: They are the most family car, if you are adventurer, family enthusiast, love road trips with bunch of guys then you should consider the Large SUVs. They give you the spacious compartments for passenger seats and for luggage. Chevrolet Traverse, Mazda CX-9 are the best examples of Large SUVs.
  • Luxury Midsize SUVs: If you want power and great entertainment with great luxurious comfort then you should consider the Luxury Midsize SUVs. High end SUVs provide numerous entertainment options, driving aids and exotic interiors to play around. They are costly but worth it in their own domain. Porsche Macan, BMW X6 are the most popular examples of this types of SUVs.

Checklist for SUVs:

You should consider some things before buying a SUV. Some them are given below:

  • Style: It should be your main concern before buying a SUV that look for style and comfort. Some SUVs only project performance and power, they are rugged and look like a beast. But You should consider some style like dazzling lights, shiny trims elegant lines on the body. You should consider the ride height like how high you want to step in and out of your car.
  • Performance: If someone is talking about performance in cars then they are surely talking about SUVs. They are made to put strain on the engines. You should consider your commute whether it is mostly in city or off the roads.
  • Fuel Economy: Although there many options available for fuel efficient SUVs but you should look for what suits you. They are made larger and with heavy performance to fight the terrains. The trade off for performance and stability over fuel economy can be costly. You should keep in mind that if you can afford to drive them after buying or not. There is a solution to the fuel economy problems in the form of Hybrid SUVs but again they are expensive than regular SUVs.