It is stated that all Pickup trucks are Trucks but all the Trucks are not Pickup Trucks. In this article, we will further explain the difference between trucks and pickup trucks.

You can classify a vehicle by many things like design, weight, function, size, and purpose. In general, cars were designed to carry people from one place to another, Vans and SUVs were made to carry people with more space and convenience with luggage. Trucks are designed to carry people and heavy things. It depends on whether you are towing a car, carrying materials, or carrying large things which cannot fit in a car.

Trucks vs Pickup Trucks:

Trucks vary from one manufacturer to another; they vary in terms of size and power. They are mainly designed to carry things from one place to another but nowadays many companies are offering advanced features like auto gear systems, cruise mode, climate control multimedia systems, etc.

Simply a truck is used to carry the load or heavy things and a pickup truck can load things and there is a compartment for people to like any other car. They have an open backbox which is used to carry things mostly. Pickup trucks are basically trucks with separate compartments for passengers and load. Sometimes pickup trucks are called utilitarian trucks with a bed. They have more space for the interior than other cars. They are heightened and can be driven on any surface other than water.

Pros and Cons of Pickup Trucks:

Pickup trucks are flatbed but they are used for general purposes and passengers. On the other hand, trucks are used to haul things and for towing vehicles, etc. There are many advantages of pickup trucks like you can use them to haul heavy things and you can use them as any other car like Sedan1. You can use pickups like not your average car and you should not have to sacrifice the passenger space.

There are some disadvantages of pickup trucks too like, you cannot tow heavy load like trucks. They do not have the capacity like trucks to handle heavy load, cargo, and towing jobs. You can say pickups are more of a family truck with fancy facilities.

Things to Know Before Buying a Pickup Truck:

There are things you should know before buying a pickup truck. Pick-up trucks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and with diverse abilities. The main difference between all of them is how you can control them. The demand for pickup trucks is increasing in numbers day by day. You should keep the below things in mind before buying a pickup truck:

  • Budget: The first thing you should keep in mind is the budget. They are more expensive than your average passenger car so you cannot argue on this fact. You should buy base models if it is your first time. They are not like cheap trucks but good for a starter.
  • Size: you can easily identify that what is the right size for you. There are two options available that mid-size and full size. There are two classified pickup trucks light duty and heavy duty. It purely depends on your requirements and pocket.
  • Performance: there are many options available in terms of performance. It depends on you and on the fact that how much you’re going to use the truck frequently. Either you live in a hilly area, across the rivers, in a rocky town, or on plain grounds. There are many customized options available for pickup trucks.
  • Load: you should keep in mind before buying that how much you will pay the load to the truck. Many trucks are not suitable for large payloads. All the trucks have some specific towing and loading capacity. You should keep that in mind that what is your average need to put a load on the truck.


Top Pickup Trucks in Town:

Although there are many options for pickup trucks in the market, here are some of the best available trucks2 so you may not get confused to choose from them:

  • Toyota Hilux: It is part of Toyota’s commercial range. The Hilux is more comfortable and smoother from the inside. They have maintained a reputation that no one can destroy. It is more pleasant and versatile than its competitors. Its dimensions allow it to pass through narrow paths. Over the period they have upgraded it with the latest technologies. It gives immense power and ride comfort.
  • Ford Ranger: It is the best top selling pickup truck in the UK region. It has a wide range of strong engines. Its handling makes it class apart. It was launched in 2010 in its current shape. Over the period they have upgraded it with the latest technologies and engine options. It is available in bare bones extended or single cab options. It has four-cylinder engines with a 2.0-liter turbodiesel capacity. You can have a choice of manual or automatic transmission.
  • Isuzu D-Max: You cannot imagine what Isuzu has made in the pickup trucks line. Isuzu D-Max is performing beyond the imagination in pickup trucks line. Isuzu is now capturing its competitor’s market. They are offering all lifestyle versions with enough horsepower to compete in the market giants in trucks line. They are offering single or double cab options in D-Max. They are offering digital gauges and updated infotainment systems. it lags in its powertrain; it is providing a 1.9-Liter diesel engine. It comes with 6 speed automatic and manual gearbox.
  • SsangYong Musso: If you are looking for a leftfield option of pickup trucks then you can buy SsangYong Musso. It is a South Korean pickup truck which is offering you a sporty look and power as well. Musso is delivering you a 2.2-Liter engine with diesel power and you can two a load of up to 3.0 tons. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary truck but from inside it is offering you a great passenger cabin. It also comes with a full length bed. It has a very firm road grip and control on a long journey.